Old Delhi

Namaste! I was less than an hour in Delhi and I was already so impressed and it was so hot!!. It was an awesome chaos that in some way was organized. We try to explore Delhi in two parts Old and New Delhi but some days we made a mix o both. You may be… Continue reading Old Delhi


How India started!

Hello! After a few months of visiting India for the very first time, I finally got some time to share my experience there. I always hear that there were just two options, either you love India or you hate it, and I am definitely in the LOVE IT team. Yes, I was kind of scared… Continue reading How India started!

Mexican beach vibes, Puerto Escondido

Mexico has so many beautiful corners, one of those is in Oaxaca, around 700 km away from Mexico City, Puerto Escondido. But what makes this place so unique?...For me? That mixture of tastes, colors and sounds that makes you forget the whole world! My favorite spots there... Zicatela beach One of the famous surfer beaches… Continue reading Mexican beach vibes, Puerto Escondido

New York, New York

I decide to write my first post, about where my 2018 started...New York!. New York is a vibrant city with thousands things to do. I'm pretty sure you'll gonna find something you love there. In my case those thousands lights everywhere, the sunsets from the Top of the Rock and tons of restaurants and cozy… Continue reading New York, New York