Cefalù was a beautiful coast side town, with a large sandy beach, apparently something rare in Sicily. The old town is really charming and the people was very kind. I definitely could stay a week in here just to enjoy the beach and walk around. What to see? -The Duomo, which is very beautiful, the… Continue reading Cefalù


I must admit I did not knew what to expect about Catania. There were so many blogs with bad reviews and experiences about this city and also the Sicilians were not giving positive comments from this city, then I was skeptical. At the very end I just can say that you should be careful, like… Continue reading Catania


The first city on the list was Siracusa. The main attraction here is the beautiful old downtown, Ortigia and the Neapolis Archaeological Park. I would give this city at least two full days to discover it. If you are moving with the train it would take you around 15 minutes walking distance to the entrance… Continue reading Siracusa

Sicily, the basics.

This 2020 I wasn't expecting to go so far away, but as travel between Europe was possible I decided to book a flight with a friend. My trip in Sicily  started in Palermo. If you are coming from the airport, you can easily reach Palermo with the train or the bus. For the busses, the… Continue reading Sicily, the basics.

Where and what to eat in Rome?

Rome is full of flavors you can find in every corner something delicious.  Famous dishes are maritozzos,  pasta as Cacio e pepe, all'amatriciana and Arrabiata, fried food like suppli, zuccini flowers and artichokes, some pizza to-go or good cheese and ham at some salumeria.  You must know that they serve big portions, so be ready… Continue reading Where and what to eat in Rome?

What to see in Rome?

What to see in Rome? I would expend at least 3 days in Rome, if you can try to divide the city in some sections to avoid walking in circles it may be really helpful, in case you are staying longer then you can just walk and let Rome surprise you. If you want see… Continue reading What to see in Rome?

Heading up to Rome

Rome is for sure on the most visited cities in Italy and it is really charming, in every corner you can find a beautiful spot. In the next lines I'll give you some practical info before your trip. Roma from the airport? You can reach the city with taxi, bus and train. The last one… Continue reading Heading up to Rome

Ceylon´s capital…Colombo

Colombo is where our Sri Lanka adventure started and ended. It is a big city with some interesting spots to discover. It offers a bunch of accommodation, restaurants and places to know the culture and the country. How to move? As I mentioned in mi first post, We walk all around the place as our… Continue reading Ceylon´s capital…Colombo


If you heard about Sri Lanka before, you must know Galle. This is one of the most famous places because of the well conserved downtown. During the history the Portuguese, the British and Dutch contribute to built this beautiful place. And now it is a place with a special charm and full of nice restaurants… Continue reading Galle!


Mirissa is the place for those looking for surf vibes in a wavy sandy beach, party mood (most on the high season), and many restaurants besides the beach. How to get there? Keeping on our "road trip", from Tangalle to Mirissa were some options with the bus (direct and with transfer in Matara) but again… Continue reading Mirissa